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Hi, I want to make this skirt but the waist size is 50". How would I adjust the material measurements? So sorry it's taken this long to hear back from me I was out of the country for 2 weeks! To keep the fullness of the gather you will need to add an addition piece to the body so you'll end up with three seams instead of two.

The zipper will end up in the back in the center and the other seams on the sides. I'd keep the main body pieces the same size as I did just add another one. Then when you attach the sash make sure the zipper ends up in the back. I made this skirt a few months ago, and decided to just now post it on my blog. I hope it is alright that I used your directions I gave you complete credit because you explained the process far better than I ever could! If you want, check it out! That turned out VERY cute!

Thanks for the credit AND the button! You're blog is very cute: I just love this skirt and the others youve posted on your blog! I am VERY new to sewing but want to be good at it! I am a little confused on the measurements ive tried to figure it out by reading the other comments with not much luck My waist is 31 inches and im quite short so the height from my wasit to my desired skirt length is 16 inches.

Could you help me figure out the measurements please? Hi Lesleigh, No problem! What a fantastic tutorial Amy! Love the fabric you chose, and woman would want to wear that! I hope you will consider adding this into SewSet! All you would need to do is add a photo and a few brief words, and everything else would link directly back to you! I would love for users to be able to find this when looking, and find you! Thank you so much for sharing, I love it!

Hey hun, Just wanted to let you know that I featured this on my blog this morning. I would love it if you could check it out and grab my button: Ok so when cutting the fabric the body needs to be at least double the waist measurement. Like for mine I did 28" waist and 66" body. Did you do something similar? At the top of the tutorial I have broken out the three sections that make up the skirt; the belt, the body, and the sash. The body is going to be 22" high by your waist measurement times 2 plus a few extra inches for fullness.

But you will cut the body in two pieces. Mine was 22"h x 33"w x2 for a total width of 66". I'm a new follower and new to blogging and I love your tutorials!

I'm definately going to attempt to make since I am new to sewing. Thanks for the great craft idea! First of all thanks so much for the awesome tutorial! I am also a size 2 so I am so excited to have perfect measurements!! I just have two questions - one is I am just wondering how tall you are?

I am only 5'2 so I am hoping the skirt will not be too long. Second, sorry if this is pretty obvious but I would love to make a skirt exactly like yours, but when I go on fabric. Is it just your basic cotton? I am planning on going to the fabric store and getting the ladies there to help me as I am new to sewing. Ok so I'm 5'5" tall so you might take an inch or so off the length.

This fabric I used I got from a random shop in Arizona, I don't think its out in other shops cause I think the fabric comes from Mexico: Let me know what you think! Hi Amy, would you do that?!?! That is so kind! I would love to buy some from you. How much extra do you have? Also I live in Canada, would you be able to ship here?

Let me look into the shipping price, it maybe a bit more. Can you send me your address? You can email it to amy thisbigoaktree. Your directions were very clear and easy to follow. I used the comments from other posts to adjust the measurements for my skirt.

I usually wear around a size 14, but the skirt ended up much bigger than I expected but the sash helps make it tighter. Thanks for the awesome directions! I can't wait to try another project! Hi Melissa, Thanks for trying out my tutorial! Sorry the measurements didn't turn out exactly as planned: If you want to send me a photo of it you can send it to amy thisbigoaktree. I just want to tell you how I enjoyed making this skirt.

It was super easy and turned out super cute!! I blogged about it I'm new to the blogging world and wore it to a wedding on Saturday. Go so many compliments! Thank you for sharing!! Can't wait to make another one!! I am really benefiting from the simplicity of this project. Hi Lydia, The fabric is cotton with no stretch.

I'm glad you like my tutorial: I made this skirt awhile back and of course flunked on the zipper part, but now my knowledge is better and I'm ready to try again. I was wondering if you had any advice on making this floor length? I know that sometimes when you do this to skirts they come out with a funky shape I am working on my wedding dress!!

I'm so glad you're back and ready to try it again! I had been sewing for 5 years before I ever even thought to put in a zipper, I commend you on your efforts!

I think this could look really awesome in a floor length version. My recommendation would be to make it even fuller. If you keep it the same fullness as it currently is it will be too tight at the feet and not have any real gather there at the bottom.

Other than that I think it will be great. Please let me know how it goes! And I hope to show you my success soon! Thanks for this tutorial! I just bought fabric to make it today. Do you think it's possible to turn the belt into the sash by attaching a small piece of fabric for the zipper and tying it there? I think I bought too little fabric but I don't want to leave out the sash or buy a whole bunch of fabric just for that little bit I'm really excited about making this.

Is the fabric you used thicker? I bought regular muslin but I'm scared it might not work the same. Hi Jen, I do suppose you could replace the belt with the sash but the way I see it the bow would end up tying wear the is and then the bow ends up on your side and not your front. As for the fabric muslin is definitely thinner than what I used but could still work.

It will lay flatter than mine. The fabric I used is just cotton but not as thin as muslin. I hope this goes well for you! I just need to find some time now! Such a great tutorial! Just finished mine today and love it! I've never put in a zipper, never done gathers, never put a waistband on something, never used my zipper foot on my sewing machine, never made a skirt. I will be making another one! That is so awesome to hear! Thank you for letting me know this: Hello, My daughter would like for me to make this darling skirt, however as I am a fairly novice sewer, I do have a question: I can't wrap my head around how you come up with the measurements, if you were to double a 28" waist would that not be 56"?

I can be a dull pin at times, but would sincerely appreciate clarification. I ended up adding a few extra inches to make it fuller. The "double your waist" statement is a general guideline to help folks understand how to get their own measurements. So I recommend you take the waist measurement and double it and add a few extra inches. Amy, I did it! I made this skirt for my daughter. Thank you so much for the easy to follow tutorial!

I can't wait to try it and take it on my travels. I really love this skirt and can't wait to make it!!! Do you think this would be easy to make into a strapless dress? I've never tried to make it into a dress so I'm not sure how you'd do it. Elastic at the top would be most comfortable and then tie the sash around the elastic part Let me know if you do make it, I'd love to her how it goes! Never tried to create my own clothes but your tutorial is great and so easy to understand.

Please may I pin this? It is a simple instruction for something I have done many times, but always have to work out again, 'cos I never write it down! You are wonderful, and have done my thinking for me! Thanks so much for the thoughtful words: I made this last night - it was "sew" easy! Thanks for the step by step instructions for us novices out there. Can't wait to make more! I love this skirt!

I'm pregnant now, would I need to make it a little fuller to fall right? I'm trying to make clothes that can work before and after: Hi Tiffany, I've never made anything for pregnancy but I know from my own pregnancy that when I tried to wear non-pregnancy dresses as my belly grew the fabric in the front began to rise.

You could probably get away with the skirt as is for about 7 months but after that it will become too short in the front. If you want to be able to wear it while your at your biggest you'd need to make the fabric in the front longer I hope you find that helpful! Your skirt is super cute I did not find the find my size chart. Am I to cut out 2 pieces and where would I put the zipper if that is the steps The general rule of thumb is to take your waist size and double it to find the main body amount.

In my case I did a little more than double, 28" waist 66" body. You will have a seam on both sides of your waist with the zipper in one of the seams. I came across your lovely blog on Pinterest. I made this skirt and found your instructions quite easy to follow and I am very pleased with the way my skirts turned out: I was going to put my skirt on my blog with a link back to you for the pattern - would that be okay with you?

I am not taking any credit for the pattern, just showing my skirt off and talking about your great blog. I will wait to hear from you to make sure it's okay and if it is than I will put my post up the first part of July.

Now following you and I look forward to visiting again. Hi Stephanie, I'm flattered! So glad it was easy to follow and that you love the results! Yes please post it! I look forward to seeing the post: My mom and I are looking forward to to making this cute skirt.

We do have a question about sewing the belt to the rest of the skirt. How do you sew those two pieces together without a big seam showing right over the top on the belt? Hi Kenra, Unfortunately unless your fabric is long enough you will have to seam it together. I do my best to line up the fabric so it doesn't look like two pieces.

Then when I sew it onto the skirt belt I stitch in the seam line so there isn't another line. You can always put the seam next to the zipper so that it's less obvious but you'll need to adjust the lengths of the sash to accommodate the new placement.

The informations are so lovely and so usefull so thank you very much. Be sure i will use all of them keeping in my mind. Have a goog luck. Hey Amy, Just wanted to let you know I put the post up on my blog about this skirt and hopefully you'll get more traffic.

Feel free to stop by and see it: I'm hopping over from the Enchanted Rose blog. What a pretty skirt! Thank you for the tutorial! I love wearing skirts when the temperatures are high. Hi Amy, Is the zipper in the side or the back? The zipper is on the side so that seam stays on the side too.

Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial. I had just bought some fabric and was trying to decide what kind of skirt to make when I happened upon your post. Thanks for sharing your talent!! I love the skirt. I just finished my skirt in a retro print and am loving it!!!

If I wanted to do an invisible zipper - would I do the gathering and attach the belt before I sew up that side and install the zipper? And then do the hem after?? I've never done an invisible zipper, but I don't plan on adding a sash so I want to use one. Suggestions on how to modify this tutorial to accompany one? So I've never used an invisable zipper before so I'm not totally sure but I make the skirt now with the same zipper and I just attach the zipper with more overlap of the fabric so that the zipper doesn't show as much.

I hope that's some what helpful! Thanks for the great tutorial! Made one, and have fabric waiting to make another! I couldn't find this on your etsy page anymore. Do you still sell it. I would love one. Please email me at laurenmiller.

I am doing a family photo shoot in April when the Cherry Blossoms come out and this would be perfect for it. Your website is for sure worth bookmarking. Hi Amy, I made this skirt and it's so cute! Like a few others, I had problems doing the gathering part - i. So I just used elastic and then sewed the belt over it! It works, but it does make the skirt look a bit fuller. Made this with a vertical seersucker and it turned out adorable!

Wow this is so cool. I cant wait to start making. Im a 15 yr old making skirts for a project and i think i just found the treasure.

Thanks for this idea. This is super cute!! I made one and I love it! I just linked to this tutorial for my recent blog post: Hi, I just looked at this and it seems like a perfect project for a beginner like me! However, I was just wondering what type of fabric you used- there are so many different kinds! I have now made three of these beauties. Thank you for this tutorial. I just found your blog.

Today I made a skirt with this tutorial and it's great! I had never made a gathered skirt or skirt with zipper and now I have a cute skirt wich is just perfect size and modell! Thank you very much! The tutorial was really easy and pictures were good. The skirt was really easy to make and I succeeded alltough I havent made many clothes before. So thank you very much and greeting from Finland! Thank you for your awesome tutorial!

You have done an excellent job with posting directions and pics. Thank you again and take care! Hi, just wanted to let you know that I linked to this tutorial on my blog: I'm so in love with this skirt. I'm finishing up my second one since I started 3 days ago.

I can't wait to wear it! I even added pockets to one! This tutorial is awesome! I made this with sheet music fabric with an amazing result in about 3 hours! Will attempt another one tonight. Thank you for the awesome directions! Do you have other tutorials? With spring in the air I just can't help but want to live in spring things!

This diy skirt is similar to the other one I did but this one has a sash and is fuller To purchase this exact fabric go to my etsy shop! If you're not up for making it you're in luck! I now sell it on my etsy shop too! You should also check it out on my friend over at Stylish Petite!

Hopefully I don't confuse you by bringing in some photos from my previous skirt tutorial but so many of the steps were the same that I figured I'd save myself some work Zipper approximately 6"" in length. Zipper foot for sewing machine. To start cut out the following: Start by making the belt. You'll want to measure your waste to find out exactly what size is best for you. My waist is 28" around so that is where I cut the fabric. Iron up the top and bottom of the belt and then the sides as shown.

Then iron it in half and set aside. Next lay out the skirt as shown so that you can mark where the zipper ends on the skirt. Place a pin where the zipper ends. Fold the skirt in half RIGHT sides together and pin up the skirt ending at the pin marking the zipper ending. Stitch from the bottom up to the zipper pin. Iron the seam open and press the unstitched sides in as shown.

Roll it up once more and press again. Next gather the top of the skirt by stitching two loose stitches next to each other along the top. Then pull one of the threads to gather the fabric. You will likely need to do this to the other end as well since it can get stuck or too tight on one side.

Lay out the skirt with the belt above it as shown. Note that the zipper in the sash skirt will be on the side of the skirt and not the back like the one pictured. Put the skirt in between the belt opening and pin in place. Stitch a seam where the skirt and the belt meet.

Be sure to leave the ends where the zipper goes unsewn so you can put the zipper inside the belt flap as shown below. Next add the zipper. Place the zipper between the belt flaps and under the skirt. The zipper foot allows you to get nice and close to the zipper. Do the other side. Now to add the sash. Press the seam open. Tuck the corners in and iron in place. Fold in half again and stitch along the seam. To add the sash to the skirt make sure the zipper is on one side.

Lay out the sash off center unless you want the bow directly in the middle of your skirt. Pin the sash to the belt and stitch a seam straight down the back of the belt like in the little girl skirt I made below. You're ready to wear your skirt with pride. To find similar styles click the image below! Like always let me know if you have questions! Posted by Amy Fredrikson at Ashley April 17, at 6: Amy Fredrikson April 22, at 6: Melodee April 19, at 9: Wray Sist3rs April 20, at 6: Jennifer April 20, at Jenny daysofchalkandchocolate April 22, at 5: Jenn PSP April 22, at 5: Lori April 22, at 6: It's Jilly April 22, at 9: Sarah April 24, at 6: Amy Fredrikson April 25, at 8: Katherine C April 25, at 8: Unknown April 25, at 8: Kristy R April 25, at Katie April 26, at 5: Katie My Darling Days April 26, at 3: Amy Fredrikson April 26, at 4: Kelly April 26, at 4: Kate Hitchin April 26, at 5: Jasmine April 27, at 5: Amy Fredrikson April 27, at 6: Anonymous May 2, at 9: Sheryl Sparks July 18, at 3: Amy Fredrikson July 18, at 4: Bobbins January 11, at 8: Amy Fredrikson January 11, at 9: Kate May 4, at 1: Amy Fredrikson May 4, at 5: Mae May 20, at 7: Amy Fredrikson June 16, at Ashley Rodgers May 24, at Amy Fredrikson May 24, at 3: Unknown May 24, at

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