This circle skirt was made for twirling! A beautiful ruffle embellishes the skirt for added girly-ness. An elastic waistband provides the perfect fit that can grow with your daughter!5/5.

Then continue cutting the gaps in half by pinning the elastic down. The thread kept looping like crazy underneath as well. Tension, needle type, stitch length, what? I followed your instruction and complete my skirt today.

May 22,  · Learn How to make a summer fun reversible circle skirt for a child!. This is a really easy way to make a skirt with an elastic waistband, and you can decorate it in any number of ways.
May 22,  · Learn How to make a summer fun reversible circle skirt for a child!. This is a really easy way to make a skirt with an elastic waistband, and you can decorate it in any number of ways.
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I have 4 little girls who love a good twirling skirt 😀 I have made a reversible circle skirt, wide baseband, encased base band, and I use this skirt attatch to a tee to make special birthday (or other event/play dresses), sometimes with a band around the middle.
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This is a great tutorial. I have linked it back to your site Hope you will check it out -http: Because the fabric was so thin, I wanted to make a narrow hem and I used this method here.

And this half circle skirt tutorial is even […]. Your email address will not be published. Did you like this tutorial?

Comments This is a great tutorial. What a super little skirt! Aww, thanks so much Deirdre! Circle skirts have the all important twirl factor. But it is so, so cute and super simple! Thank you so much for your amazing tutorial. This week is homecoming week for my daughters high school and at the last minute day before she decided she wanted to do the theme for tomorrow which is Disney Day!

I have read through it and made notes. I need to make some circular wrap around skirts for a dance class that we have at our church for yr olds. This is sure going to make it easeier for me Thanks heaps Elizabeth. Thanks for the pictures! I followed your instruction and complete my skirt today. I have little experience in sewing. But this was simple enough to follow. I found your tutorial on pinterest. Today is a Sadie Hawkins Hoedown that I am chaperoning for a bunch of high school students from my school.

I wanted a new outfit, but needed something quick. Last night I sewed up a circle skirt to go with a peasant blouse. I started with the blouse which took 2 hours and finished with the skirt which took 1 hour!

I am very impressed with the result! I am 17 and have very little experience sewing and I made my first one today and it turned out perfectly! I will definitely be making another one tonight! I will be the envy of all my friends at school on Tuesday! I am going to make these for my sisters and all my neices for Christmas this year! Thank you so much for the fantastic tutorial!

I just attempted this and made mine to big I have no idea how I messed this up I was doing the elastic one is can I fix it? What kind of stitch do you recommend for sewing the elastic. I am a new with sewing and I used a wide zig zag.

I overlooked one detail. Me and my brain cells…. Thought you may want to see my take on it: Some one told me that a half circle skirt would be better, do you have that on this website???

Thank you for the tutorial! I refer to it in my blog, as the inspiration for a circle skirt made for my daughter: I am still pretty new to sewing, but your tutorial looked doable for me. I broke two needles just trying to sew the elastic together. The thread kept looping like crazy underneath as well. What might I have been doing wrong?

Would cutting each panel on the grain and sewing them together change the way the skirt hangs as opposed to cutting the panels in a circle. I still want it to flow the same way it would if I cut a full circle. Thanks for this tutorial. Made this for my daughter and very pleased with the results- would love to make one for myself too.

People like you make sewing accessible and achievable for so many women. Keep up the great work! I made three of these skirts yesterday after reading this tutorial! Two Christmas skirts for my daughters and even one for myself!!! Love, love, love this tutorial!

Thanks for breaking it down and explaining as well as you did! Thank you so much for the simplified version of the circular skirt. Love your tutorial, I made one for my daughter but would also like to make some for gifts, Do you have a reference on sizes for length and elastic for different sizes?

Nice weblog right here! Additionally your website so much up fast! What host are you the usage of? Can I am getting your associate hyperlink in your host? I want my site loaded up as quickly as yours lol.

I just made one of these for my four year old niece… exactly the same measurements as your Lucy. I added some pretty lace to the bottom and it is too cute! I accidently cut my skirt out in the middle of the fabric instead of having the edges of the pattern on the fold, so will have to have 4 seams down the sides.

It depends on the cost of the fabric. You could also try putting the seams offset. You still end up with 4 — but the are to the right and left instead of front and center. Any suggestions as to how to gradually ad inches in length to the back of the circle skirt.. Are you limited to skirt length by how wide your fabric is off-the-bolt? Is there a way to make it longer? I plan on making this skirt tomorrow, and I was wondering, how would I make the top go out more, or like the bottom has more fabric?

I love this skirt: Thanks in advance, and I wanted to say thanks for creating such a thorough tutorial. Thank you so much!!!

I just made first circle skirt, just in time for swing class tonight! I picked a jersey in old mauve with little white polka dots. I made one small change — I used a smaller width for the waistband: I just found this web site on how to make this skirt.

Thank you so much for the step by step instructions. I read many websites and did not understand the radius and then how to get the circle. A good tutorial and a new ideal to work on. It is good to always develop and share new idea.

Your blog was my first skirt ever…the simple straight skirt. I had just bought a refurb sewing machine and started attempting to sew. I was so thrilled with making a skirt for the girls. This circle skirt will now be my favorite!!

Just made one in multicolor chevron that is sooo fun and cute. I loved the measurements and tutorial…all were easy and perfect. The only thing I would ask, is there any other pointers on sewing to elastic? I pinned and pulled… and then ripped and pinned and pulled tight again: I finally ended up basting it in place as best I could AND then sewing a top stitch that was neater and ripping out the basting stitch. Would a certain needle help better or just more practice?

Love everything on here…and you are helping a girl conquer her fear of sewing! I want to do a circle skirt on a dress for my 3 year old.

To do that, would I leave out the elastic waist and the addition inch, then just sew it directly to the bodice?

I used it here: My daughter wanted a circle skirt for Christmas. I cut two skirts, one of Christmas fabric and one of a solid blue that matched the colors in the Christmas fabric from some light cotton fabric. I sewed them right sides together at the hem, turned them right sides out and then attached a waistband casing at the top with elastic in it.

I love the extra weight the two layers give! Now she has a reversible circle skirt with no edges that can fray! So famous, you are! Thank you so much for sharing your circular skirt making instructions.

You have helped me gain some mummy points! I know this post is an old one, but I just encountered it today. I work at a fabric store and I often joke with customers about how easy a circle skirt is. Mine are just three seems and a hem! I make mine down to the floor though, usually takes about five yards of fabric, so the circle is actually two pieces of fabric It pleases me to see someone else using the math rather than a bought pattern I thought I was the only one who did that!

I have a measuring tape marked with my waist and hem lines, and just rotate that on my material, marking it with chalk. I always get complimented for my skirts. Thank you so much for taking the time to figure out the math and take all the photos for this awesome tutorial! I am so excited to make this skirt one for me and one for my daughter!

I just used this tutorial for the 3rd time just this month. I probably have used it at least 6 times. Thank you for such a clear and versitile tutorial.

Dana, this skirt is fantastic. I made one last night for my 1 year old and made it reversible with an applique monogram on each side. Question — where did you get that fabulous polka dot fabric? That would eliminate the need to turn up the serger edge on your skirt? I am using this to make 12 costume skirts for a program at a school. Looking for short cuts! I am thinking that with the two inches we add to her waist size to allow the fabric to give when figuring out our radius will not be enough for her to actually pull this skirt up or down over her hips.

Not so much a problem when you are creating this pattern for a little girl who has yet to develop that womanly hour glass figure. So in my head, I thought how would I address this issue without losing the wonderful elastic band and not having to go to a zipper or any type of slit in the back of skirt?

I am thinking that you would take the actual hip size, then minus the 2 inches for extra give that we initally added to the waist measurement and then divide that number by 6.

So my radius math looks like this: This should give you ample room to pull this skirt up. Do you think I am headed in the right direction? I am going to tackle making this dress this weekend and am not much of a sewer.

Can you give me some basic measurements dor a onsie skirt. I would appreciate it. No skirt should be without pockets. I am making 12 of these for costumes for a Christian School here in MI. That way you do not have that nasty hemming to do. What do you think? While looking online for some pattern ideas, I noticed almost all chiffon dresses having only one seam in the back, no side seams, yet draping very nicely on the body.

The thought of circluar cutting did cross my mind, but I rejected it thinking the dress will be puffy at the waist. Then someone online wanted to know how to sew her wedding dress without side seams, to be like a circular skirt. I looked up circular skirt and found your tutorial. I screamed out loud, YES! Hi Dana and everyone else! I am quite new to sewing but I love the idea of a circle skirt. I have just bought an Ikea machine and have been trying little projects.

Maybe I went wrong in the calculations. I also used a zigzag stitch. Why do you think this happened? Dana, I just wanted to write and say thanks for your tutorial on the circle skirt. I looked at a lot of others on internet and none of them compared. You made the directions for getting the right measurement really easy to follow.

I credited you on a blog post I did about the little Pinkalicious circle skirt I made for my grand-daughter. Hey, thanks for such an easy to follow pattern with lovely, clear pictures. I just made my first circle skirt and it looks awesome! I start on it tomorrow!

Hope this helps others. Switching to a ball point needle solved the problem though. Hope that helps someone else! Thanks for creating such a great tutorial!

And thankyou for all your great tutorials xxxxx. In the midst of making the circle skirt. Looks so cute so far! Thank you so much for posting this: I used this for a bohemian infinity dress and it worked beautifully. Thank you sooo much for this tutorial!! I have hadit booked marked for some time and finally used it tonight!

Do you know where I can find enough fabric to make a skirt till my ankles? Thanks for taking the time to post this tutorial. I do them with different fabrics and each one has a chic twist to it. If I do two semi circles can I use the same pattern and just fold my fabric in half once and do that twice, and then attach them together?

I winged my first attempt and failed miserably. All my very best to you! Your tutorial was fantastic! My five year old daughter is twirling around in her first skirt and there are two others in the works! My 2 year old picked out some Dora fabric today and wanted a skirt. This was easy and quick. I found this linked on Pinterest. I love this pattern! I think it is my favorite one I have ever done. The only thing I did was add lace trim around the edge and it looks fantastic!

Thank you so much for sharing. Thank you so much for the step by step. It is so funny. I was reading you blog on dyeing elastic and clicked on your circle skirt. What do ya know. I had been here for tips on the construction of a circle skirt just days before. Now my black poodle skirt can have the pink elastic waist band I was dreaming of. I am making school girl costumes for a ballet the girls are 12 — 14 years, but on the small side , and the director wants circle skirts, but he would like pleats in them.

Also, if I am attaching this to a shirt to make a dress, how would I do that? Is that too complicated for a comment?? I would like to have a removable waistband that will cinch the skirt so that we can use them in later years and just adjust waistbands and not take out seams….. I hope you can help! Dana Thank u very much for this tutorial. I have tried and came out beautifully. You can view it here: I love how they came out!!! I wish I could send you a pic!

I dyed the elastic and followed both tutorials and they are just adorable! She referred to you as her inspiration, and I started following you too. This was all 2 months ago. I just got a sewing machine and this skirt was my first sewing project ever! It turned out ok, although I found it was hard for me to do the elastic sewing. It looks so cute on my 4 year old daughter, and she loved the twirls she can get out of the skirt!! Thank you for posting pictures and step by step instructions!

I can wait to try my next project!! That looks so adorable! When you serge the inside of the skirt, do you have to fold the edge down? I do not sew very much, and can not find a serging or zigzag attatchment for my Kenmore model 54 sewing machine, so I was wondering if it matters what kind of sewing design I use.

Thank you so much for this tutorial! It the best one on circle skirts that I have found; you make everything very clear. Since there would already be seams down the side, do you think I could add pockets, or do you think that would add funny bulk to the side? They had olive, blue, green, pink, grey, and khaki. I think they only had it in inch varieties. Thank you for saving the day! And I thought I was done sewing once the Halloween costumes were complete, nah! Anyway this worked up very quickly.

I can sew basic things, but have never made clothing… but the skirt turned out great! Thanks for this tutorial! I used it for when I had to make a skirt for a cosplay. I used a bottomweight because it was the only fabric in the store that was the exact color i needed, but it still maintains a very nice fluffiness to it and twirls perfectly.

It was also harder than I thought when it came to sewing the skirt to the waistband. But when hemming it, I had to fight to iron out all the wrinkles and twists. Thanks so much for this tutorial. I wish other tutorials online were as easy to comprehend as yours. My daughter needed an urgent skirt for her tap exam. For a mom that has only ever made a dog bed cover straight lines , I followed your tutorial and made the most gorgeous purple polka dot skirt. Thank you for the step-by-step instructions, they were really easy to follow.

So nobody except for me is completely stumped with the math? The skirt is adorable but there has to be an easier way. Nice tutorial but for the math.

Nena, I am terrible at math, but this was pretty easy. Now divide that by 6. Since you are making a circle out of a rectangle, you use the 5.

That will be the part that you cut out for the waist of the skirt. From that semicircle you will measure how long you want the skirt to hang from your waist.

Now you have to translate that to your pattern by drawing a larger semicircle 22 inches from your smaller semicircle that started in the corner. I feel like a big dummy, especially since no one else asked, but how do you fold the fabric?? Thanks for a terrific tutorial! Hi, thank you so much for this tutorial, I have just made my first circle skirt for my daughter and she is thrilled with it, very twirly.

Love your blog, the tutorials are great. I just made this for myself and it took a total of 3 hours from start to finish. It was super easy and this tutorial explained every step perfectly. Thank you for the great instructions!

I just finished a pink skirt with white dots and pink elastic: Thank you for the inspiration! I followed the tutorial and was amazed by how quick and easy it was … really enjoyed making the skirt … thanks for such an informative tutorial… would definitely use it again.

I just finished a circle skirt for my 2 year old.. I have almost finished mine! I am super excited because it is beautiful! Thanks for the awesome, easy to follow tutorial! I wanted to let you know I linked to your site for this tutorial. I see many more in the future. My 5 yr old grand-daughter loved it. She had been wanting a twirly skirt for a while.

Any suggestions on how to add shorts to it? This will cause the fabric to gather up on the elastic and stretch a bit when you wear the skirt. Thank you for providing the best tutorial EVER! This made the project very easy and super quick to do! I actually made it very long ankle length and put a golden lining underneath a shimmering glittery overskirt…. She will be the Belle of the Ball!!!

Dana, just wanted to say thanks for the detailed photos and step by step explanation of how to attach an elastic loop to a skirt. I created an Elastic Waist Tank Dress earlier this week and was SO grateful to have discovered this tutorial to help me with that tricky step. So glad to have discovered you through Ashley at Lil Blue Boo. It looks really good, and I know the waist band is the right fit because I trie dit round her whilst she was asleep!

Lovely easy to follow instructions. I made this for my friends little girl, but because I used Satin, I used a ruffle for the hem and then top stitched the skirt hem with the ruffle seam facing the skirt.

It turned out darling and soooooo simple. Hi Dana, thank you for all your tutorials! On the circle skirt, how do you recommend ironing down and sewing the outer edge of the circle skirt nicely? Yesterday I was working on your baby circle skirt and it took me FOREVER to double-fold the outer edge and sew over it, simply because curves are not easy to manage.

Would you recommend clipping extra fabric every few inches? Yea, ironing a circle skirt just takes a while…. I just press little sections at a time and keep moving down. Any advice on what I can do to fix this? Then when I managed to get it on it was too big on the waist! Just seems a disaster, what did I do wrong please,help as,I really like,these,skirts!

Hi I know this might be a silly question but if ur hips are more than ur waist plus two inches, how will the skirt fit ova them? Im new to this and have some beautiful fabric but im not sure about this one part. Used this pattern to make by daughter a character skirt for her dance class. It was so easy and turned out absolutely perfect. I was just asked to make one for a girl that does Ballet Folklorico. Was it troublesome to add length to it?

I use a roll of brown postal wrapping paper to make patterns. Also, check with local moving company. Sometimes they have used packing paper that is slightly used and clean for free. I am making a white cancan petticoat with matching overlapping ruffles. Question, What type of material to use? For I want it flouncy and not to heavy.

Have a blessed day! If so, would any adjustments need to be made? Yes, you could try that, however, the skirt will not be as full or twirl quite the same way as a FULL circle skirt…. I referenced this tutorial in my latest blog post. Thanks for doing such a great job!! I tried to do the skirt and when I was finished cutting it, it was about twice as big as my waist.

I love how yours turned out! Hi I will be making a circle skirt for a lady in a wheelchair but she wants a waist band that stretches because she had to put it over her head. Can I sew the elastic to top of the skirt and then fold it over to cover up the elastic and stitch it. It seems if I do it this away I would have to cut the waist of skirt larger is this so.

Please let me know thanks. I just made this tonight! Thanks for the shot of confidence! If you need to make a pattern — any pattern — you can use old dry cleaner bags like glue between pieces of paper to join them together. Lay a strip of plastic between the two papers and iron them to melt the plastic. I am making this for my 13 month old granddaughter. I love this tutorial. This is not the first time I have gone back to it for reference.

Should I still add the extra 2 inches for give or leave it at just the waist measurement? I am okay with gathering slightly to fit the bodice. Just thought before I proceeded I would ask, just in case. Measure twice, cut once — ask first, cut later kind of thing! I need to buy all my supplies at once.

My radius is 6. Can you assist me? I love this site, and all of your tutorials! This halloween, I made a poodle skirt for my 11 year old daughter. I have sewn some, but by no means am an expert. I serged the top seam just to finish the edge, then took the elastic and zig zag stiched it to the outside of the elastic, just to the top edge.

I then folded the elastic under, so the fabric encased the elastic, and sewed the bottom part of the casing so the elastic was not showing. Guess I need to buy more elastic. Hi I would love to make a Christmas skirt for myself. Could I use taffeta fabric? Can you help with circle challenged mom? If you use cotton fabric with no stretch, do you have to make the center hole the size of the hip measurement to get it over your hips? Thanks again for this tutorial.

My daughters and I have now used it to make a number of skirts. I would like to be able to provide readers with detailed instructions and pictures of that process, and I found your instructions here to be very easy to follow.

I wonder if you can help me with something — I am using this pattern to make a tutu-like skirt for my daughter. I thought I had enough tulle for 4 layers, but after cutting I see that I only have enough for three. I did a variation where I laid a square of sheer blue fabric over the skirt and stitched it as an overlay for a fairy feel. Thanks for the great tutorial! Hey, I find it a bit difficult to tell from the pictures but this skirt seems to fall a bit too high for me, what would happen if I made the circle larger?

Would it still sit well? Thanks for posting this! Had to sew 10 little girls skirts for a school play and this was a life saver!. Thanks for your personal marvelous posting!

I definitely enjoyed reading it, you can be a great author. I will make sure to bookmark your blog and will come back at some point. I want to encourage continue your great posts, have a nice holiday weekend! I made the circle skirt for a 5 yr old which turned out great; but, my 30 yr old niece wants one and neither my husband or I and he is highly mechanical can get it to work out on 45 inch fabric.

Can anyone be more explicit? I saw where one lady asked the same thing and was directed to the circle skirt for a baby…not sure how that showed how to use same pattern for an adult. So easy to follow and adorable skirt. Mine turned out great! This is so simple! Do you think it would work making the waist a drawstring instead of elastic?

I really dislike the feeling of elastic for some reason. Or hemming the top, adding belt loops, and making a matching fabric belt? Thank you so much for easy to follow instructions!!! I just made one tonight and it turned out great! My daughter loves it. Loved your tutorial, it was very simple and easy to follow. Do you know if it would be possible to make a skirt out of newspapers?

Hi, thanks for this tutorial. I am just wondering why you sewed the elastic waistband on this way, rather than sewing it on the right side of the fabric and then flipping it up, so that the seam is on the inside and no stitching is visible on the outside? Either way it looks like the waist might be too small.

Should I sew up the side seams and attach it to the elastic which we have enough of or cut some extra pieces out of the fabric and have 4 seams? Yes, you need this to be a full circle…. Thanks for the great tutorial Dana. I have a question about stitching the elastic to the skirt. I know the twin needle is great for jersey knit fabric, but do you think it would work well on the elastic?

I just pressed the edge under two times with an iron and sewed it in place with my standard foot. But you could experiment with other feet that can do a rolled hem or other options.

I did a rolled hem for the first time and it worked out pretty well. How long do you cut the elastic for the waist? I plan to make one of these to put over a tulle skirt as part of a Halloween costume!

I do not own a serger but of course will use a zig zag stitch. My question is; How do I give a nice hem without using heat? You can use an iron on polyester. Do a test first on a piece of scrap fabric. This is a fantastic tutorial. They turned out beautifully and I am sure to have requests for more of these. Just wanted to say thank you for the tutorial. I wanted to use this info paired with the double sided circle skirt tutorial from you and mie. So, I did your idea with the elastic waistband but put 2 pieces together so it would still be double sided.

It turned out great. I also used double wide fold over elastic for the bottom and it came out super cute. Now I am working on making one for my 14 year old! You can use any width you want! If you go down to your local newspaper, they either give away or sell end rolls for a minimal price. Ask at the front desk.

They have no newsprint on them. They work great for making patterns and there is a ton of paper left on the roll, so it will last a long time. However, any thoughts on adding this skirt to the bottom of a t-shirt for a t-shirt dress? My daughter has a great shirt with…. I just made tshirt dress and found this tutorial very helpful. I love making these skirts! I would like to make one of these for my niece and she has a bit of a bubble butt. I watched it on your youtube channel also.

Very simple and easy to follow. My friend and I made your circle skirt yesterday for her Grand Daughter. We wanted the full circle plus gathers because the material was very very sheer and thin. The material was lavender tulle with little sequins all over it. It is a long ballerina skirt to be worn over a leotard. Instead of attaching to elastic, we cut a facing that matched the circle on the top and encased the elastic to accommodate the gathers. It came out so cute. Thanks very much for this.

I just had to sew 15 circle skirts in 2 days for a school production and this tutorial was a great help. I made one out of satin for my teenage daughter. I actually made 2 circles so one could act as a slip and then I sewed tulle between the layers to make a non-itchy crinoline.

Black elastic, red skirt and crinoline, black bias tape. My daughter wore the skirt with a long sleeve black shirt, her Minnie Mouse ears, black tights, and some Keds we had painted yellow replacing the laces with red ribbon with white polka dots.

Self Drafted Clothing — Mustachioed Threads. Skirt Zipper Tutorial - Skirt Fashion. Thanks for this great tutorial. Hi in the notes on the adult version you mention cutting two circles and seaming them. How do you cut the pattern and fold and cut the fabric to do that? Then sew them together so you make 1 big circle. Thank you for this great tutorial!! I need advice on adjusting the pattern.

Thank you sew much! Thank you so much for your instructions! I made six tiny skirts in an afternoon. There is knitted, braided, and woven elastic. Which type did you use? Hi Dana, greetings from Indonesia. I had a circle skirt before, and it was so wide, I had trouble riding my motorbike some parts of the skirt went inside the back wheel gear , and almost got me into accident. If I want to make like a half circle skirt with this tutorial, how should I lay the pattern on the fabric, and how many folds of fabric?

Mine is 18 inches long, because any longer than that gets in the way of your dance partner. I have a serger, and it took me only 45 minutes from start to finish! It swings, it swishes, it twirls! This is hands down my favorite tutorial! I use it and recommend it all the time. I have hemmed the skirt and used binding for the hem, and of course the reversible-which took a while on that hem, but was one of the best skirts ever. Just wanted to say thank you for this timeless, amazing tutorial!

Your tutorial sounds great however I have a question. My hips are quite a bit bigger than my waist — yes why am I asking — but I feel that if just cut out my waist measurements I am not going to be able to put it on or off. Thinak waist 28 inches hips 40 inches. Will it still work? You may have stretched the elastic too much?

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