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As for shoes, I agree suede looks really nice. Decorated with contrasting stripes and FF motif in tones of brown and black. Made of lightweight pale pink viscose yarn. How are we defining tights? I am not sure I understand your question.

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actually I do not like to wear tights with open toe shoes.I wear them with over the knee boots more than the others because they make beautiful and times I wear tights with ankle boots too. Reply.
Ideal shoes to wear with tights. When the sun is shining but it is freezing, it makes a perfect weather for wearing tights with your of us usually think about buying plain or black tights, but every woman should experiment different styles and varieties of tights.
Tights feature back seams, a 3/4
Ideal shoes to wear with tights. When the sun is shining but it is freezing, it makes a perfect weather for wearing tights with your of us usually think about buying plain or black tights, but every woman should experiment different styles and varieties of tights.

Tights are a staple item in a woman’s wardrobe, and there are many options to style them. We have compiled a list of the 14 cute shoes to wear with tights, especially black can wear these shoes with the tights or pair the shoes with stockings and even wear the shoes with leggings.

Hi there, Thanks a lot for the article. I would be so grateful if you could tell me if it is OK and classy to wear lacy pantyhose or fishnets with lacy corset open-toed stilettos.

I thought that would create so much exaggeration of the lace, though. De quelle couleur dois-je porter avec? Avec tes talons de peut-être 4 cm. Mas je ne sais pas si je porte ces sandales nues, je pourrai porter tights et si, de quelle couleur? Ou éviter les sandales nues avec des talons et porter des chaussures? I do not really like those booties to be honest they are a bit thick and lack sophistication.

If you have to pair them with tights, go for semi transparent. Opaque black would not be noticed. I wear them with over the knee boots more than the others because they make beautiful and cute. Hi Alois, Thank you for a fabulous website and always very good advice on the Parisian way to dress. Well, I recommend to avoid them. I like to wear nude fishnets instead.

But if you really want to wear nude tights, you shall make sure it looks like you are not wearing any tights. Merci beaucoup pour ton blog! Here, I feel like you can wear your sexiest and most flashy shoes with! Even coloured, check-patterned ones, but wearing them stylishly can be such a pain! A word towards clogs: And a notification towards woolen tights in heels: Your naked feet sweat a little and usually make your shoes stick to your feet quite well, helping you walk.

If the toe straps are narrow, they might start rubbing or squish your toes and hurt. Before I thought tights with sandals was an absolute no-no. You can also take a scarf in brown and black color if you want to add more uniqueness to your whole outfit.

Chignon hairstyles with tights look great on girls of all ages, especially during rainy season. Skirts and tights are hands down the best combo available for college girls out there. It looks super amazing on anyone and totally changes the way people look at them. Wear red cropped sweaters to complete the look. You can also take a leather bag along with this whole outfit look. Heel boots are perfect for winters and are in the trend for a really long time now.

Teenage girls look really nice in ankle boots and can easily wear them to school or college. Tights look great with high heels in matching colors. If winters are here then wear a loose sweater or cardigan or a long coat on top of tights and high heels.

This combo is perfect for work or for university. This outfit idea is perfect for those who love to look casual at all times. Pair up your dress with net tights and wear wedge boots with it. These wedge boots will make the outfit look extra special and perfect for any kind of get-togethers and parties.

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If you are going to wear mary janes or shoes with straps, then not tying the strap too tight could help with the puffy look. I have worn fleece lined tights with these kinds of shoes. I imagine that sweater tights would probably be too thick for these styles, in which case booties or boots are best. And at a very conservative firm. But it most places, black tights are fine and no one will notice the texture of your pumps. Being warm is always acceptable in my book. I think plain black matte tights look really good with suede pumps.

I wear my black tights with either a tall heeled black boot or suede wedges the J. I also disagree with the advice about mary janes. There should be no strap issue if the tights fit correctly. I might not use them for an interview somewhere very conservative. I prefer pairing with black suede or patent or very polished leather as opposed to pebbled leather. Some people can pull off wearing gray, burgundy or other color shoes with black tights — I am not one of those people.

I only wear them with black knee high boots or black, very simple and conservative high heeled ankle booties. They look too heavy to me with my normal heels or flats, like wearing a big wooly sweater with lightweight khakis plus I usually wear those shoes only with thin hose or tights, so having the extra sweater-weight material makes them feel too snug. I do wear fleece tights on meeting-free days, but IMO they are casual. They are appropriate in offices where leggings under a skirt are appropriate which is most, probably, but not conservative.

With the right shoes lots of suede booties or chunky heel pumps , tights are perfectly appropriate. I think nylons or bare legs would make a woman look silly when its degrees outside. I have been wearing nude hose for the past few years.

I drive to work, so the only time I am in the cold is when I walk from my car into my building. Do you were tights because of the cold or because they are more fashionable? I am wondering if I should ditch my nude hose and pick up some plain tights instead. I might not wear fleece tights to court, but other than that…. To stay mostly on topic, can anyone recommend booties for commuting? My office is too formal for booties during the day, but it would be nice to have something warmer but professional looking for my commute.

For reference, in prior winters I usually commuted in ballet flats and just ignored my wet, cold feet. These are incredibly casual, but I commute in black pumas. My office is casual enough to wear them all day, but they would still be worth it if socks are a priority in a commuting shoe.

I just got these for more casual days at the office: Shockingly, Forever21 has great opaque tights that last forever and my favorite sheer black tights are from Spanx!

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I think ankle boots are completely appropriate for the office with tights — though I would stick to a neutral colored tight like black or brown.

Honestly, if Kate Middleton can rock tights and ankle boots at royal engagements, then they can fly as office wear as well.

I wear black tights with black shoes patent leather, leather, and suede pumps; leather wedges; and leather and suede ankle boots all Winter. I think tights matched with shoes would work in most professional environments. However, I have yet to pull off tights of one color with shoes of another, though I imagine navy tights with brown shoes could work for me with the right ensemble. A related concern of mine is knee-high boots at the office; I need to check out the prior post on how to wear them to work.

I agree that standard tights especially black ones are super conservative but the OP was asking about sweater tights and fleece-lined tights. It is either that or pants.

In certain climates, I think women should focus less on perception and more on practicality. Sweater tights are more casual but also more awesome. Fleece lined tights look very similar to non-lined rights. I see almost opaque black tights as basically on the same level as nude hose not sweater tights but a smooth nylon-ish knit.

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