A snobbish investor and a wily street con artist find their positions reversed as part of a bet by two callous millionaires.

What more could one ask for — well…… maybe a nice fabric bundle.

Live the Merry Maids Life ™. Each day starts with a morning huddle at your local office. The huddle is a time when you get that day's cleaning assignments, training updates and spend time with other Merry Maids team members.
Live the Merry Maids Life ™. Each day starts with a morning huddle at your local office. The huddle is a time when you get that day's cleaning assignments, training updates and spend time with other Merry Maids team members.
The House is so well arranged and decorated it is such and excellent and finest decoration with much sweetness of comfoisinsi.tk tree is glittering and comfoisinsi.tk clause is so lovely and beautiful.
In Valinor, the Eldar learned many arts and crafts from the Valar (but don't think they became a bunch of Martha Stewarts). The greatest of the Eldar was Fëanor, who created three gems of surpassing beauty known as the Silmarils.
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Do sales associate on work on the cashier or do they work in the back too? Bachelor s degree from an appropriately accredited institution and four years of experience in personnel, budgeting, research or administrative management; I wanted the kitchen to be happy and full of color.

Elf on a Shelf. My kids love him!!!! He hangs high above my kitchen sink. This is a real fun vignette. These are a few ornaments hanging on my tree that make me smile and fill me with happiness.

So whimsy and cute!!! When I was a little girl my grandparents would decorate their Christmas tree and my Grandpa would hide the fox in the tree for me to try and find. It became a fun game for me to find the fox. Which at Christmas time I call the Sugar Plum dining room. You can never have enough sparkle and shine at Christmas time! I took a Charlotte Lyons class at Silver Bella and made this little house ornament.

It truly fits the "Sugar Plum" theme. I've adorned it with white roses, seam bind bows, and little blingy tiara. I actually didn't finish my project in class. The class was not about making ornaments, but more of a banner. Little girls popping out of the Christmas present. This will be my last post until after Christmas. Oh Jenn, the whole house is lovely!

Thank you so much for the tour! The House is so well arranged and decorated it is such and excellent and finest decoration with much sweetness of Christmas. The tree is glittering and lightning.

Santa clause is so lovely and beautiful. Jenn, you put as much care and thought into your blog as you do with all of your beautiful decorating and collecting.

Thank you for sharing your home with us again and again. It is truly the most beautiful home especially at Christmas!! Merry Christmas to you and your family! This is so unbelievably beauitful! It looks like the home of the Sugar Plum Fairy!

So pretty and festive. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I think it is just amazing how you fill every little nook and cranny with something festive… all of the trees and garlands and decorations are so magical!!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas!! Have a Merry Christmas! I am really breathtaking of your stunnig Christmas decorations: Can i move in tomorrow haha, I will love to stay in instead of any expensive hotel! You really did a great job on every corner and rooms in your entire house! Loving blessing to you too and Very Merry Christmas to you sweetie: Jenn, love how each of your rooms are so very different from each other!

I bet the kids love all the magical ornaments and the collection of Santas in the kitchen! Those huge mercury glass grapes are stunning! Never seen ones so big! What a beautiful picture of the kids too! Your home is so amazing. You put so much heart and detail into everything!!

I love how everywhere you turn is a happy surprise! Your children are going to have such beautiful memories of Christmas with you and all you put into it to make it so special!

It just warms my heart! I LOVE how every room has a different theme! Your kitchen is soooo cute! And your living room is stunning, just to die for! And your dining room…just leaves me speechless! I love the ornaments you created!

What an honor to have it in your home! Thank you for opening your beautiful home to all of us. Your children look just beautiful in the pictures. So loving and sweet. She is getting prettier by the minute, such a little doll! And Grant looks just like YOU!!! Too cute for words! I hope you all have a beautiful Christmas!!

Have fun this week! I have about gifts to wrap still. Love you lots sweet friend, Amy PS, the angel looks so perfect in your kitschy kitchen vignette!! As always your home is absolutely beautiful! Your family is beautiful as well, I know you are very proud. I wish you all the most wonderful Christmas ever! Just popping in to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!

I loved taking a Christmas tour through your beautiful home. It was fun seeing the mosaic buffet I created in your dining room, all decorated for Christmas! Well, that is just a lovely bit of eye candy. You did a beautiful job decorating your home! Your children are just adorable, as well! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous work! Jennifer everything is so beautiful!!! That pink tulle tree is amazing. So glad you joined us in a fun way through the magazine. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

See you in the New Year! It is very beautiful! Love love love all christmas decorations! Now I know I have to go out and buy some more for my house. Hi Jenn, What glitter and sugar plum fairy magic! I love it all! I have one of your Santas! The one on the left in your photo of Santas is just like the one passed down from my Mom I have mine in my Santa Mantel Photo in my blog. And I have never seen a light blue reindeer — that was lovely!

You know I love your bunny wall paper in your kitchen! The trees…all those beautiful ornaments.. And, of course, your children are adorable! The corner of West th and Adrian Avenue is decidedly Bronx-like, as gently curved corner buildings like this are scattered all over the borough. Teunissen Place, a dead end off Terrace View Avenue, is named for the first settler in what became Marble Hill; Tobias Teunissen, a wool washer and farm hand who had previously been a night watchman in Leyden, Holland, in the s.

He was killed in by the Weekwaeskeek Indians in a raid, though his wife and 4 children were later ransomed from the tribe. Sports teams are nicknamed the Knights of the Red Flaming Torch. In his youth, President Kennedy resided for a couple of years with his family in Riverdale, a couple of miles to the north. This house was undoubtedly altered greatly from when it was built, with a ground floor garage, enclosed porch and siding. Terrace View Avenue near curve to West th Street.

West th near Adrian. This contrast can be found frequently in the Bronx, the Borough of Apartment Houses, adjoining two-family homes from earlier in the 20th Century. We have crossed the borough line into the Bronx. This boxy building at Kingsbridge Avenue and West th labeled Telephone Building is one of several scattered around town, always plain jane brick buildings with quoins and window lintels, but otherwise no nonsense architecture.

Just as Marble Hill was temporarily an island, so West th was at the southern end of a former island, Hummock Island, occupied by colonial settler Alexander Macomb. The island was eliminated by landfill after The Roman Catholic St. Next door to St. The church features Tiffany windows in its chapel. The West st Street station at Broadway has recently seen its Swiss chalet-style station house repaired and repainted, though ongoing work was still being done in September Fascinating and diverse neighbourhood.

Regarding The Metro-North station, yes, it was formerly located to the east of the bridge under New York Central times. The railroad layout has changed dramatically over the past century at Marble Hill to the current state.

The only time Amtrak goes east of Spuyten Duyvil, and into Marble Hill is if there is a problem with the bridge at Spuyten Duyvil itself. I grew up on Godwin Terrace between th and st Streets across from the then St. I remember before the projects were built when the land where Targets and JFK school now stand was farmland. Where JFK is now located there was a shanty town. In the summers before the projects were built breezes would blow off from the Harlem River and cool the neighborhood.

There were plenty of empty lots for children to play in at th Street and Riverdale beyond had no sky scrapers. Once you hit th Street there were little or no commuters on the subway line.

The grammar school on Godwin Terrace had no upper floors so you could see clear to Van Cortlandt Park from the 4th floor apartment windows located across from the school. At that time, we considered anything south of th Street Manhattan. I always considered myself a Bronxite. So far as I was taught, Manhattan started when one crossed the Broadway Bridge going south.

My zip code was Bronx , and my school district was Bronx as well. The Marble Hill train station was indeed relocated from the east side of Broadway. I often wished upper Manhattan say from the GWB north was developed with single family homes instead of apt buildings. How beautiful those peaks and valleys would have been if they had homes similar to Marble Hill Ave. Curious to know how much one of those homes goes for nowadays…. Despite being considered part of Manhattan, Marble Hill tends feel like The Bronx, and that picture will probably be the only Fedders Manhattan will ever have.

Then again, much of upper Manhattan tends to resemble what the outer boroughs are like. BTW, that Metro North station did have its platform recently expanded. I lived there from to and were listed in both Manhattan and Bronx phone books. If you grew up on Marble Hill, you were indeed actually living in Manhattan. For most of us though it was rather impratical because we were separated from the rest of Manhattan by a bridge, which in your youth seemed like you were crossing to another world.

Because we were connected by land to the rest of the Bronx, it just seemed most practical to do our shopping, socializing and schooling within Kingsbridge. I guess a small body of water, was a vast divide from the rest of Manhattan. The people who live in the private homes would know because they pay property taxes to NY County. The more open debate is — do the residents live in Manhattan?

But they politically live in NY County. I grew up in a private home in Marble Hill and we never really thought about it until they took away our area code we were the last to lose it.

It was, however, definitely a Bronx experience growing up in the neighborhood. Thank you for the lengthy and well researched piece! As an office worker, I never get to go scouting around to see all of our area as much as I would like to, and because of you, I get to enjoy these little trips all the time. Marble Hill is pretty, I would love to ride my bike around there, hopefully next summer….

That altered white monstrosity on Terrace View Avenue affects not only the look of the block, but the selfish way that van driver parks forces everyone to step into the street. I grew up in the house to the right of to the monstrosity. They did not look like that then, the porches have been enclosed and added onto above and below extending the houses out towards the street. Not NY New York. The larger collection of the housing project have always been geographically and politically part of the Bronx.

Part is in the Bronx and the other part is in Manhattan. I recently retired from the Housing Authority. For legal reasons the project is divided as ugh. As I look at this pictures I could see myself as a 10 year old living there. Before the Harlem River Ship Canal was finished in , the New York Central right of way traveling south came through the Cut and turned left north and followed the outline of the Spuyten Duyvil Creek.

Also, Tibbets Creek followed the present day Tibbets Ave. There is a copy of the book at the Kingsbridge Library on West st St. Regarding the location of the Marble Hill Metro North station on the Hagstrom map, that location is correct for The original location of the station was on the east side of the broadway bridge, and had grade-level platforms see the photograph located at http: It was most likely moved to its current location after the formation of Conrail in and before the formation of the Metro North Railroad in For the record, most Marble Hill residents do not consider themselves Bronxites, but Manhattanites.

Because we are Manhattanites. Kevin, just a little fyi, the Marble Hill Lane sign looks to be not only urban, but an active drug spot. A lot of corners in brooklyn have brown or white shoes around signs or telephone wires meaning that the spot is or was an active drug corner. White means coke, brown is smack, and usually bob marley shirts meant weed…. We used to be the only ones in the Bronx to be represented by Charlie Rangel, but the district has been gerrymandered and he may be replaced by the first Dominican-American in Congress.

But being in school district 10 rather than district 6 is yet another way that MH is the Bronx rather than Manhattan. I grew up in the Marble Hill projects and i went to Hunter The test was open to anyone in the five boroughs. As to whether or not Marble Hill is a part of Manhattan, that was never in question to the residents other than trivia.

In the case of Marble Hillers and the Kingsbridgeites south of th Street the reply would have been the same,St. Yes I knew your dad since I was about 10yrs old. Miss him a lot still. I grew up in 70 marble hill 5 floor walk up and never thought about it ,the 5 floors I mean. What a great place to grow up a book could be written of all the experiences good and bad. Was the caretaker at St Stephens Church named Ebeneezer? My sister and I attended St.

The Stiles had a wire recorder and Dick and I used to record skits with his father playing piano. BTW I was born at W th in Great job…I enjoyed revisiting places of my youth. I grew up in marble hill, in the cute little house at 44 van corlear place. I loved taking the tour. Reference is made to your caption: The latter supposition is true. The old New York Central trains could pick up and drop off passengers at either ground level or platform level. There were steps on the railway cars to accommodate the former and a steel plate which could be placed over the steps at car floor level to serve passengers at platform level.

My children are the 5th generation fr my family to grow up on Marble Hill.

Gordon's Hill

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