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Highland Park was so much smaller and Valley View hadn't been built yet!

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Limited Spanish speaking staff available. Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake parenting education. Pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, STD sexually transmitted diseases tests and treatment. Free of Charge Documents Required: Picture ID No Spanish speaking staff available. Box Dallas, Texas These facilities offer a wide range of health services, including prenatal, postpartum and gynecological care. The centers employ bilingual staff members and offer assistance in obtaining Medicaid benefits.

The site contains connection to WebMD, calendars, free weekly pregnancy newsletter, birthing options and health care provider choices, among other topics. Parenting classes, infant care classes and new mothers support groups offered. There is a specialized class for mothers in recovery. Center for Disease Control Webpage Provides easy to read information about pregnancy and good health. The program reinforces positive skills, builds strong parent-child relationships and provides access to community services.

Parents receive services for up to two years, free of cost, coaching parents in non-violent discipline methods. Dallas Healthy Start - Parkland Hospital Targeting case management in zip codes , , , , Car seats and classes. Downtown Pregnancy Center Car seats and classes Families Program — prenatal, nutrition in pregnancy, and parenting classes. Honey Child classes have various times please call for more information.

No Spanish speaking staff available. The Honey Child Prenatal Education Program has been designed to provide African-American women with the culturally-appropriate information and support needed to have the healthiest possible pregnancy and birth outcome.

Honey Child uses a spiritual approach to promote prenatal health. The curriculum incorporates interactive group activities such as prenatal yoga and exercise as well as individual reflection and spiritual messaging, making it an appropriate prenatal health education program for the church setting.

The Honey Child curriculum includes six sessions of two hours each. The program serves African American women ages in their 1 st or 2 nd trimester of pregnancy. It was a spot for some of the lunch counter sit-ins during the s Civil Rights Movement.

This little coffee shop was right inside of our hotel. This place was SO good. It was my favorite for dinner. We went to some other amazing spots, which I will share as well, but this one was my favorite for dinner. They also have breakfast, brunch, lunch, etc. This was our first dinner spot we went to. The menu was great, and it felt like a trendy little spot. This comes in very close second to The Southern. In fact, they may be tied.

This is a really fun spot for shopping, restaurants, snapping pics, etc… They have a ton of Nashville murals around this area, and it seemed like a really popular area. The restaurants looked great. There was also a really pretty nearby park. We took a little day trip to Franklin, and it was adorable. I have a friend from college who grew up there, and loves it! Live music was everywhere! This time I'm chatting all about Amazon Prime Wardrobe. And I was amazed by my ability to sell them lots of clothes because they didn't really know what they wanted or what went well together!

I miss that store so much. Thank you for a walk down memory lane with Sanger-Harris. It really is too bad that there is nothing now to compare to the class and style of that store. They offered affordable luxury and style to the upper middle class shopper. Hi, I bought a storage unit here in El Paso, Texas. I got two mink fur coats that have tags on them saying Sanger Harris.

This website has taught me a little piece of history. No idea what to do with old fur coats, but still cool. I remember the giant wagon wheel chandeliers in the downtown store. They would be considered ugly now. I think that store was built in the 60's. Right around the corner from the now-defunct Times Herald. The furniture department was over-the-top, really amazing antiques and furnishings. During the oil bust in the eighties it seemed that Neiman's and Sanger's were the same store.

Neiman's brought more middle of the road merchandise in and oddly, Sanger's seemed to get better quality things. I as I recall the Big-Town Sanger's was originally a Neiman-Marcus, which closed quickly Mesquite did not fit their market niche and became a Sanger's store.

I remember too that Sanger-Harris store designers did a great job with lighting in their stores. The in-store displays were as good or better than anything you'd see in New York or Chicago. I just bought a fur jacket in perfect condition at a thrift shop. I Google's Sanger Harris in an attempt to find out something about the jacket's value and I found your site. Did all of the branches of the store have fur salons?

I am intrigued that the jacket has survived in such perfect condition and that it found its way to Southwest Virginia. The Big Town Sanger's did not have a fur salon, as I recall. Mesquite folks were not high end and everyone with money drove downtown, to NorthPark, or Valley View, once it waa built. I worked through high school in the Big Town juniors department and loved that job. I was a supervisor at 17 and they prepared me for my business career.

I stayed through my second year of college, about It is a testimonial to the value of fur garments, that if of good quality, and well-cared for, they can last and last.

On the TV show "Dallas" while Sue Ellen worked in "the Store" which we all knew was suppose to be Neiman-Marcus surprisingly, she was a salesperson one week and the next week was a Buyer I have been rooting around in my attic and found the A. It is framed and in perfect condition. I believe my wife's grandmother worked at the store which was located at Elm and Lamar downtown Dallas which is now El Centro College.

As you know when Sanger Bros bought A. Harris Co and then built the Sanger Harris dept. I worked in the remodeled building from to when I retired in Dec. It still had the old elevators and escalators which were in constant maintenance. In there a way I could post the picture on the website for all the see?

Harris stores before they became Sanger-Harris. If you'd like to scan the picture, and send to bakgraphics comcast. I worked at Downtown Sangers in and then transfered to Preston Center.

I loved the people and class the stores had. I remember Jo Butler. I have alot of fond memories from there. I found a womans hat today at a local thrift store and it is marked "Sanger of Dallas" What years would this hat been a part of.

The bags she was carrying clearly showed the Sanger Harris logo on them--at the time, the store used a manila folder-colored bag with a chocolate-brown print of the arches and the Sanger Harris logo. Another scene showed Sue Ellen bringing the bags into an apartment. Finding this page brought many wonderful and sweet memories I was an in-store staff illustrator that drew merchandise for the all newspapers that carried Sangers advertising. Although I'm not gay, it was my very first time working with gay men who were supportive and creative.

One morning he was showing some old photos Army paratroopers, black faced, heavy equipped, ready for a jump. Eisenhower was speaking to them. Sure enough, there he was! You could see him quite clearly My perception of gays was changed forever that day. My Sangers experience is one I will never forget. I worked for Sanger Harris from til a couple of months after they were bought out in the mid 's.

Sorry don't remember the year 85 or 86 maybe. I started work downtown Dallas and later transfered and promoted out to the Valley View store.

I started as stockboy two levels underground and rose to an assistant department manager with inventory control etc.

Sanger Harris was a big part of me growing professionally and personally. Believe me I was really terrible or rude some of the years. Maybe even "stuck up". Harris that was found while cleaning out a small storage area once. I even graduated from the El Centro College where it orginally started. I miss the old friends, but you do grow apart as time passes.

Went through both mergers Sanger-Harris to Foley's to Macy's still working part-time while holding down a full-time job. I just retired from Macy's this month still part-time after 25 years I finally gave it up. I bought a two piece sectional sofa in or from Sangar Harris in Tyler Texas. It was brown with removeable cushions with a low profile. It is 30 years old and we still have it. Quality product to say the least. I would love to know who manafactured it.

I cannot find a name on it anywhere. Does anyone out there know? Maybe someone who worked for Sangar Harris in the furniture division could give me a clue. I miss that store. I worked at X2 for one year.. I got my degree in Poli Sci.. Go back to school and come back.. I walked by it every day going to and from Crockett Junior High. A very sad day when it closed. An even sadder day when it was torn down.

Makes you wonder how much longer Plymouth Park Shopping Center will be around. I believe the first phase was built about As a little kid, I would sneak over to the shopping center on a Saturday morning to go to Playthings and M.

I also spent a lot of time at the Plymouth Park score with my mom much to my chagrin. I lived just a few streets down, on the other side of Lively Elementary.

When I was 4 or 5, I remember the store staff having to shut down the escalator hit the emergency button when I started getting pulled up the escalator while messing around.

Speaking of Plymouth Park shopping center, one of my favorite memories was the Chateau theater there. The Plymouth Park center felt like a smalltown Texas town square. It was a pretty cool setup. It seems a lot different now when I roll through town. Recently, I acquired a Fur coat that I know nothing about except what the 2 labels say Could you give me some more information on this Fur and what it's value might be? Thank you so much, Kim. I am in London now, but lived in Dallas many many years ago.

I remember Sangers very well. What happened to stores these days? Sangers was my first credit card too! I remember being in high school and Sangers helped us students out by letting us come help them do inventory at Town East mall to help raise money. I miss those days. Well, shame times have changed but there you go. I bet I still have my Sangers card somewhere.

I am a building engineer in the old Preston Center location and would love to talk to someone about the history of the building.

I worked at Sanger Harris Preston Center from to ! It was "the store" to shop at during its era!! Highland Park was so much smaller and Valley View hadn't been built yet! If only those walls could talk!!! What a wonderful site! I remember as a child growing up in Dallas shopping downtown at the department stores: Beautiful stores, with luncheon counters, tea rooms, bargain basements.

We 'dressed up' to go downtown and rode the city bus. Shopping was a special event, not an everyday activity. Great info and images here! Does anyone know who the architect of the archway storefronts was?

Also, do you have an up-to-date list of how many of them remain standing? I have two ceramic parrots made by Modglins of California. One has a price sticker from A. I didn't connect that with Sanger Harris until I saw this site. Such and interesting website. I remember in mid to late 60s Sangers spent several months renovating an old Morris Store Bldg. It was only open a very short while. I did a search from of the Dallas Morning News and there wasn't any apparent reference to such a location.

My grandmother, Edna Merrill, worked at the Oak Cliff location behind the jewelry counter when it was A. Harris and then Sanger Harris. She is now and sadly her health has deteriorated just in the last few weeks. I remember my grandfather and I going to pick her up in the evenings when she got off late. All my wedding crystal and china came from that store. It was sad when. When I was a kid in the early 70's, my dad worked for the Tyler paper.

Nobody made a fortune working there, but they did have quite a few perks. One was that every year they would buy a family season pass to Six Flags and they had standing reservations at the Lamplighter Inn on I near Big Town don't think I'd want to stay there these days, but it was a nice place back then. We would get the passes one summer weekend every year and go to Dallas for vacation and school shopping at Town East and Big Town.

One distinct memory I have of the Big Town Sanger Harris store was a track that ran around the top of a little in-store boutique young ladies wear, I think. It contained a conveyor of some sort from which hung various garments that traveled around and around that section of the store. Mom and dad don't remember it, but as a little kid destined to be an electrical engineer I thought it was intriguing. Does anyone else remember this, or better yet have pictures that could be posted here?

Cool info here, thanks for the memories! I, too, grew up in Irving and Euless. I loved Plymouth Park and l loved going to Sanger Harris. The store was elegant. I remember a candy area that my sister and I headed to first everytime mom took us shopping. The salesladies knew my mother by name. How often does that happen now? As my sister and I grew older, we were trusted with mom's charge card. She had cards to many other stores, but only shopped at Sanger Harris.

Time goes by and things change. My God mother and I would shop, shop, shop at the Plymouth Park store. We would come home loaded with bags and then have to model all of our beautiful buys for my God father.. Nothing more fun for a year old girl!! I wish stores still had character like Sanger Harris did Even today's Neiman's isn't the same I inherit a fur jacket from a 81 year friend Rabbit.

Sanger Harris can anyone tell me what's. I just took some pictures from the Valley View mall Mosaic and the artist signature is Brenda J, Stubel, I am trying to find who she was.

Anyone has an idea? D Tate, let me know what you find. Paula, thank you for your interest. If she's still alive, I would love to involve her in the removal, restoration and re-commissioning of her mosaics at ValleyView Mall.

My email is kevin kevinobregon. I remember when Sanger-Harris opened it's two stores in Tulsa.

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