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Mix 1 tablespoon of a mild detergent with 3 cups of water in a small basin. May I ask a question? Is there a different method for new shoes? Polishing brogues is simply about being more mindful and not caking on polish, using little by little.

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How To Remove Leather Stains

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The high heat while the leather is taut, will help to relax it and unset the wrinkles. Obviously nothing will be as good as re-lasting, but for a house remedy, it will help do the trick. The other way, which is probably more practical is to do what is called spooning.

Only this time we are not using wax but you will want to do the same thing of rubbing the leather in the crease area while having big trees in with the hot spoon to shape the leather back into place. Now, there is a warning when it comes to spooning. This will burn the leather. On black you will not see it, but on a tan you definitely will. So do not do this method on a new pair of shoes that you are still fond of that are lighter than dark brown.

If you are going to strip the finish anyway, then it does not matter…. To remove the wrinkles sometimes I use fire a cotton ball soaked with alcohol and hold by a pair of scissors. Stick in a good shoetree and pass the wrinkles over the flame, with a fast motion. You have to be very careful, as you risk to burn the shoes or worse, your hands… Do not try this at home!

Sorry that this is probably the not answer that you wanted to hear…. Use your hand that has the shoe in it to guide where you want to rub, it will be more effective. Snapper — Glad that you appreciate it. My philosophy is that if no one shared what they know, then no one would know anything….. Make a spray of 50 percent rubbing alcohol and 50 percent water in a spray bottle. Spray the inside of each shoe and wear for about 20 minutes. Hi Justin, thanks for publishing these tricks. I was just wondering how you might get the wrinkles out of a oxblood Dr.

Marten boots, without ruining the colour? The right boot is another story. How would I go about remedying this? Jason — Unfortunately my friend, without seeing or feeling what you are talking about it is going to be hard for me to give you any kind of direction….

Getting creases out in reality is very difficult and if they are over the top as you say, then there might not be a way…there are a lot of factors that play into why wrinkles come about and without knowing what those might be for your situation, I simply cannot give you a blind suggestion…sorry. I have a pair of new vass Oxfords that have significant stretching due to bigger shoe trees half size.

I can see the stretch marks at the sides. I wonder if you would recommend the soaking and drying method? Should I rub in warm water or just soak the entire pair? Is it ok to use a hair dryer? Anon — soak the entire shoe, submerge it in water…. I personally would not, but that does not mean that one should not…it depends on many things: Dear Alice, few things are un-repairable. Good advice for the leather, but did you notice the sole is nearly split in half?

It looks like you got some serious use out of those boots! Then figure out how to keep it together while it dries. Do NOT put a table leg directly on the toecap and do not ask me how I know… A clamp with light pressure would probably work. Black would work great. If you want to keep them a similar color, I would suggest a medium brown because dark brown is very dark.

Thanks for this blog as I have a pair of loafers which i have found has stretched a lot since i got them. I was just wondering whether you soak the shoes in hot or cold water?

Thanks for this great source of help and info. I have a pair of Frye boots I acquired which are in good shape except the inside of the right boot at the toe cap, the leather is wrinkled and deformed and presses painfully into my toes. How do I smooth out this leather inside the boot? Thank you for all of the useful information.

I have a question about my favorite pair of loafers. They were damaged by salt from the spreading doe by snow plow trucks. I regret to say I never cared for them immediately afterwards, and likely let this happen a few times before I tried to restore the leather. What would you recommend as a remedy? Hi Justin, Great job. I had a bit of a stain on one toecap of a tan shoe. I had to strip a lot of the polish from the toecap on the stained shoe to get rid of the stain caused by an oily substance.

Anyway now I want to bring the color backup to the original tan. Just use the cream…but it is risky business on a tan shoe, as sometimes no matter what you put on the bare leather, it will simply darken to a shade of black from just being touched by moisture…best of luck.. Are there any products or methods that can help me achieve my goal? Dear Justin, Imagine my despair when I realised I had entrusted my precious tan brogues to a less than satisfactory cobbler.

The edge of the sole, rather than being the original natural wood finish, was now filled in with a ghastly uniform dark brown colour— in total contrast to the uppers. Please, I need your help, how do I retrieve their original splendour!

You would be best to try and strip the stuff with acetone. But it might be a tough job as the dye used on the sides of soles is quite strong…. I have a pair of dr martens with a bent steel toe cap. My husband spilled cooking oil he was barbecuing on his brand new Sperry boat shoes.

They are leather and mesh. If you like the color with the oil, then just oil the whole shoe! Or, die a darker color to mask the oil. Stains on light color shoes are tough.

Is it possible to reshape them without shoe trees? She has worn them a couple of years and the shoes still look great.

Can you give advice? I would be willing to take them to a cobbler. I want them clean and in good shape. Any help and advice would be appreciated. If you go to a store that has a reasonable amount of shoe maintaining supplies, they typically have shoe cleaning kits. Avoid using wax products when shining shoes. Wax products may cause cracking of the shoe leather. Do not force a shoe polish applicator into tight seams and crevices in your brown shoes.

Use an old toothbrush instead. Never use black polish to shine brown shoes. Use a clear shoe polish if brown polish is unavailable. Mimi Abney is a lifestyle writer specializing in online content for women. Her work has appeared in NewsOK. With over 15 years of writing and editing experience for the web and print, Abney is also a contributor to online health, beauty and fashion publications.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in biology from Spelman College. Tips If your leather shoes get wet, wait 24 hours before applying shoe polish. Warning Avoid using wax products when shining shoes. References The Dollar Stretcher:

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